You can brawl with other players in your party, either one on one or in a group free-for-all, to prove your dominance. There are no rules, scores, or limits.

When you want to start something, talk to Nek the Brawler. You'll find him in each act’s town area, near the waypoint.

Nek will transport you to the ideal environment for a fight – The Scorched Chapel, a flat land that includes flowing waters, a brick church, and a graveyard with room for new arrivals. Any members of your party can join you there by speaking to Nek. Brawling is opt-in – you won’t get attacked by anyone who isn’t in a group with you and currently present in the Scorched Chapel.

When you die in the Chapel, you’ll reappear there (even if you’re a hardcore character, your death isn’t permanent). You won’t lose any equipment durability for participating (or perishing) in a brawl.