General Changes

In general, monsters in higher difficulties (Hard, Expert, Master) are tougher and their attacks are more devastating. However, greater gold, experience, and item rewards await you on the higher difficulties.

PC and Ultimate Evil Edition Difficulty Levels

  • Normal: 100% Health, 100% Damage, 0% extra gold bonus, 0% extra XP bonus
  • Hard: 200% Health, 130% Damage, 75% extra gold bonus, 75% extra XP bonus
  • Expert: 320% Health, 189% Damage, 100% extra gold bonus, 100% extra XP bonus
  • Master: 512% Health, 273% Damage, 200% extra gold bonus, 200% extra XP bonus
  • Torment I: 819% Health, 396% Damage, 300% extra gold bonus, 300% extra XP bonus
  • Torment II: 1311% Health, 575% Damage, 400% extra gold bonus, 400% extra XP bonus
  • Torment III: 2097% Health, 833% Damage, 550% extra gold bonus, 550% extra XP bonus
  • Torment IV: 3355% Health, 1208% Damage, 800% extra gold bonus, 800% extra XP bonus
  • Torment V: 5369% Health, 1752% Damage, 1150% extra gold bonus, 1150% extra XP bonus
  • Torment VI: 8590% Health, 2540% Damage, 1600% extra gold bonus, 1600% extra XP bonus
  • Torment VII: 18985% Health, 3604% Damage, 1850% extra gold bonus, 1900% extra XP bonus
  • Torment VIII: 41625% Health, 5097% Damage, 2150% extra gold bonus, 2425% extra XP bonus
  • Torment IX: 91260% Health, 7208% Damage, 2500% extra gold bonus, 3100% extra XP bonus
  • Torment X: 200082% Health, 10194% Damage, 2900% extra gold bonus, 4000% extra XP bonus
  • Torment XI: 438669% Health, 14416% Damage, 3350% extra gold bonus, 5000% extra XP bonus
  • Torment XII: 961759% Health, 20387% Damage, 3900% extra gold bonus, 6400% extra XP bonus
  • Torment XIII: 2108607% Health, 28832% Damage, 4500% extra gold bonus, 8200% extra XP bonus
  • Torment XIV: 2889383% Health, 40774% Damage, 5200% extra gold bonus, 10500% extra XP bonus
  • Torment XV: 6334823% Health, 57664% Damage, 6050% extra gold bonus, 13400% extra XP bonus
  • Torment XVI: 13888770% Health, 64725% Damage, 7000% extra gold bonus, 17000% extra XP bonus

Diablo III Console Difficulty Levels

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Master I: +60% Gold Find, +60% Magic Find, +120% Experience
  • Master II: +70% Gold Find, +70% Magic Find, +140% Experience
  • Master III: +80% Gold Find, +80% Magic Find, +160% Experience
  • Master IV: +90% Gold Find, +90% Magic Find, +180% Experience
  • Master V: +100% Gold Find, +100% Magic Find, +200% Experience

Ultimate Evil Edition for PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360 have difficulties Normal through Torment VI, while Playstation®4 and Xbox One include up to Torment XVI.

Life Steal

The effectiveness of the Life Steal affix – which restores your Life by a percentage of the damage you deal – is reduced as your character reaches higher levels, as shown:

  • At level 60: Life Steal is reduced by 90%.
  • At level 70: Life Steal no longer functions.

Monster Resistances

Control-impairing effects like stun and slow (also referred to as “crowd control” abilities) are an excellent way to quickly subdue your enemies. However, the monsters of Sanctuary can present enough resolve to temporarily resist many of these effects. There are many types of control-impairing effects, and each has varying levels of effectiveness against monster resistances:

  • Hard Crowd Control Resistance: Hard crowd control effects—such as Stun, Blind, Charm and Fear—severely hinder the effectiveness of monsters by rendering them unable to use abilities. For every second of Hard CC suffered by a monster, it will gain 10% resistance to all Hard CC effects, stacking up to 95%. For example, if you stun a monster for 5 seconds, it will gain 50% resistance to Hard CC effects. Immediately stunning it afterwards would result in a 2.5 second stun and a total of 75% Hard CC resistance. A third attempt would result in a 1.25 second stun and even more Hard CC resistance, up to 95%.
  • Hard Crowd Control Threshold: When a monster’s resistance increases to the point that it lowers Hard CC duration below a specific threshold (0.65 seconds for normal monsters, champions and minions and 0.85 seconds for rares and bosses), Hard CC will no longer have any effect. When a monster is no longer under the effects of Hard CC and free to use abilities, its Hard CC resistance will drop by 5% per second until it reaches 0% or encounters another Hard CC effect.
  • Movement Slows: These effects reduce a monster’s movement speed, making them easier to evade and less likely to reach you with close-range attacks. While movement-slowing abilities can be constantly re-applied on monsters without duration penalties, Champions, Minions, Rares, and Bosses reduce the movement-slowing rate of these effects by 25%. For example, inflicting a 60% movement slow on a Boss will only reduce its movement speed by 45%.
  • Attack Speed Slows: Attack Speed Slows diminish a monster’s attack speed, and can also be re-applied indefinitely without duration penalties. Attack Speed Slows are 100% effective against normal monsters. Champions, Minions, Rares, and Bosses reduce the effectiveness of Attack Speed Slows by 65%.
  • Knockback: Knockback effects alter monster positioning by pushing them away from you or pulling them closer. When a monster’s Hard CC resistance reaches 65% or greater, Knockback will no longer have any affect.

Monster Resistance Values

Name Hard CC Resist Maximum Hard CC Threshold (Seconds) Move Slow Resistance Attack Speed Slow Resist
Normal 95% 0.65 0% 0%
Champion 95% 0.65 25% 65%
Minion 95% 0.65 25% 65%
Rare 95% 0.85 25% 65%
Boss 95% 0.85 25% 65%