I know that I told you much of that story when last we spoke, but I left out Li-Ming's part in it, for it was Isendra who concerned me then. You will no doubt agree that my actions were correct, but I am no monster. As always when faced with such situations, I felt a great sadness that I could not do as Li-Ming wished and help the people of Lut Bahadur. It was a familiar argument, and one that we had often. I sympathized with her more than she knew.

It was a short while later when you and I first met, for I worried over Isendra and what course of action she might undertake. In my heart I was certain that the matter was not closed.

I suspect you know some of what came next, details that I may not. This, I think, was where Li-Ming began to turn to the decision that led us to this disaster.



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