That was our first meeting, and I still remember it vividly. Isendra embraced her role in teaching Li-Ming. She became a mentor to the girl, and Li-Ming gained a deep respect for the sorceress. They were more alike than Isendra or I had suspected. But Li-Ming quickly exhausted the extent of Isendra's knowledge. Their relationship changed, and Li-Ming began to treat the sorceress as an equal rather than a teacher. Isendra was changing too, and that worried me as well. She was far too permissive with Li-Ming's behavior. With nothing to learn, Li-Ming followed the vein of curiosity that had always driven her, and that was when the trouble started.

When I caught Li-Ming nosing about the sections of the library that held forbidden texts considered to be too dangerous for study, I knew something must be done. I took over Li-Ming's training against Isendra's protests and put a watchful eye over her. I tried to introduce structure to Li-Ming's life and present a course of study that would turn her interests toward more acceptable pursuits.

Without the responsibility for teaching Li-Ming, Isendra had little to keep her at the Yshari Sanctum, and she spent few of her days here. She remained a great friend, however, and I always found her advice to be invaluable. When we three were reunited several years later, Isendra had settled into life away from the Sanctum and away from her former student.

I wish I could seek her counsel now.



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