Unlocked at level


Cost: 20 Hatred

Summon a turret that fires at nearby enemies for 280% weapon damage. Lasts 30 seconds.

You may have 2 turrets active at a time.

You gain a charge every 8 seconds and can have up to 2 charges stored at a time.

Skill Runes

Level Skill Rune


Spitfire Turret

The turret will also fire homing rockets at random nearby enemies for 120% weapon damage as Fire.


Impaling Bolt

The turret now fires piercing bolts.


Chain of Torment

Create a chain between you and the Sentry and between each Sentry that deals 300% weapon damage every second to each enemy it touches.


Polar Station

The turret Chills all nearby enemies within 16 yards, Slowing their movement speed by 60%.


Guardian Turret

The turret also creates a shield that reduces damage taken by allies by 25%.

Note: Information on this page is based on a level 70 character.