Key Features

  • Forge New Items

    Haedrig is able to make miracles with heat and metal, forging weapons, suits of armor, shields, belts, helms, and other accoutrements.
  • Salvage Items

    Haedrig breaks down unwanted magic items into salvage, mundane and arcane materials that you can use to craft even greater pieces of equipment.
"Some scars don't heal, and there's no point in scratching at them, is there?"

In the harried world of Sanctuary, the job of forging arms and armor is rightly associated with loss. A smith’s handiwork serves many purposes. These tools of the trade are used to kill, to protect, and often wind up interred with the corpses that carried them into battle.

It’s said that only those who have looked death in the eye can craft the weapons of war. If this is true, then gruff Haedrig Eamon was born to strike an anvil. Death looms over his past and present, following him from his tragic youth in Caldeum to his home in cursed New Tristram.

The horrors engulfing his town have galvanized Haedrig to action. Though the forge has never been his true passion, the powers that now threaten to consume Sanctuary have driven him to do more than simply shoe horses. He’ll support your journey in the only way he can – by burying himself in his work and crafting an arsenal fit to wield against the evils of the Burning Hells.

Workshop Progression

As you dedicate gold and materials to training your artisans, they’ll upgrade their scant tables and carts into more complete workshops, unlocking new recipes in the process.