Are You Prepared for 2.3.0?

Are You Prepared for 2.3.0?

It has been quite some time, nephalem. My master is as dangerous as ever, eternally haunting Pandemonium Fortress beyond the confines of your little campaign. Still, it is entertaining to watch you struggle against the chaos and destruction that permeates Sanctuary. Ever more horrors arise from places long lost and your insatiable curiosity pulls you closer to oblivion. Allow me the pleasure of escorting you along the way.

Deadly Ruins, Deadlier Inhabitants

- The Ruins of Sescheron -

The inhabitants of Sanctuary are puzzling creatures: Terrified of death, yet unable to deny the allure of the unknown. It would seem adventure calls once more as the ruins of the (supposedly) great barbarian civilization opens their destroyed gates to you:

Danger lurks around every corner, with new and terrifying enemies baring and gnashing their teeth at the chance to sink into your tender, fragile flesh. I would say it a pity, but we know my allegiances lie not in your favor. Keep your weak senses on guard as devious traps designed to slaughter in the most delightful ways line these halls. I have heard that the most skilled explorers may be able to turn these devastating mechanisms against those that call these ruins home . . . shall we see if that excludes present company?

Temptation by Immeasurable Power

- Kanai’s Cube -

Some of your species is admittedly smarter than the common rabble. The Horadrim have always had a knack for recognizing power beyond their means to contain. Of course, it takes only one of your kind to exhibit bravado and throw caution to the wind just for a smidgen of power. Your sad effort to slay Zoltun Kulle has failed, and he now returns once more to offer you a deal too good to be true.

The artifact known as Kanai’s Cube is said to have incomprehensible powers of transmutation. Certainly, the services this item can provide will enhance your potential to incredible levels, including personal customization and impressive mastery over the many treasures you have uncovered throughout your journey. I wonder . . . will it be worth the cost?

Equip Yourself for Endless Adventure

- Adventure Mode Revisions -

After your so-called victory against the Angel of Death, you may have found yourself overwhelmed with activities to pursue in Adventure Mode. Many of you crushed any opposition that arose, clamoring for greater challenges as eagerly as I once reaped the fetid streets of Westmarch. *sigh* Memories.

Your breath shall be bated no longer, as the Adventure Mode you know has received a thorough pass and polish. Everything from refining the antics of that bumbling Blacksmith to revisiting the challenges presented by Orek and his Nephalem Rifts has received updates. I am not the type to repeat myself, so I must recommend revisiting this thorough preview of the changes awaiting you. It will not disappoint.

Let the Seasons Turn

- Season 4 & the Season Journey -

Just as the angels of the high heavens are reborn from the Crystal Arch, each new Season brings a slew of new nephalem, ready to take on the impossible (or to, hopefully, die trying). Regardless of the start or end, the story of each hero is unique. As such, each should be individually chronicled.

Along with the regular updates to seasonal Conquests, Legendaries, and rewards, a new archive system known as the Season Journey will chronicle your accomplishments each season, beginning with Season 4. Whether you rise to great glories or meet a terrible end, the choice is yours as to how far you set your sights. My combustible companion Tyvalir has detailed these seasonal subjects, so investigate his findings if a fresh start sounds appealing to you.

Armed to the Teeth

- New & Revised Legendary Items -

Greedy little nephalem, I can feel your ravenous desire for precious treasure in the hollow of my chest. Of course we will fulfill your gluttonous appetite—after all, each sin we tempt you with is but another nudge toward your imminent downfall.

Frivolous trinkets and outfits are well beyond my interests, but the onerous goatman Grimiku has cataloged the more notable items. While this is not a comprehensive list, it should give you a tantalizing taste of what is to come.

Rise to the Challenge

- Sescheron Awaits -

Does this slake your thirst? Or do you crave even more knowledge? There are whispers that you might soon have the opportunity to ask of us what you will, but the details are murky at this time. Keep your dull eyes open in the coming days. We will have more to share, and it would be wise you pay close attention.

How are you preparing to storm the broken gates of Sescheron? Are you preparing for the next Season or pining to get your hands on Kanai’s Cube? Do let us know in the comments below.  After all, if I am to observe your oblivion, it is far more gratifying to know exactly how far you will fall.

Good luck, nephalem.